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Welcome to Fusion Metals

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We are UAE based company passionate about metal fabrication, Vehicle body building & construction works in all its forms. We have experienced engineers to support our clients and well experienced staffs with the art of bending iron & steels to get the requirements needed for our customers. We are dedicated to offer innovation services and excellent quality products to each and every customer. In a short period of time we could reach to the wide areas of UAE market and we have customers ranging from very large to very small projects.

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Build foundations sturdy enough to resist damage


Create astounding designs by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques.


Our offering is geared to all mechanical engineering purposes, including the most complex applications.


Develop and Maintain Safe Body for Heavy vehicles such as Truck, Trailer, etc.

You May Contact Us For Vehicle body building & Construction works
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Metal fabrication

Our full-service engineering and design department utilizes modern resources to fabricate your design and production project.

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Vehicle body building

We ensure an exclusive approach to the task at hand, with dedicated engineers whose expertise in the various transport verticals helps us optimize cargo transport effectively.

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Construction works

We bring together a wide range of benefits from design aesthetics, energy efficiency, durability and fire protection to ease of installation, low maintenance and even rainscreens.

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Why fusion metal works?

Fusion Metals works is a part of AL TALLAH GROUP. It all started in 1989 as a FMCG business entity and now in 2021 we are able to grow in different variety desires of the UAE market. AL TALLAH DRINKING WATER SUPPLY LLC, KENZ MANUFACTURE FOR DISTILLED WATER, NOVA GREEN GENERAL TRADING, Real estate investing & Fusion Metal Works.

Not only do you need to decide whether to use high cube or standard containers, you also need to decide on whether to build using new or used containers. If at all possible, we recommend getting high cube shipping containers. They are a foot taller than standard containers, giving some extra headroom inside the containers. This allows you to insulate the inside of your ceiling and still maintain a ceiling height of eight feet.

A mezzanine floor is a custom-made semi-permanent structure constructed within a building to provide an upper level floor or even multiple floor levels. The new floor is placed central to the ceiling and ground floor creating a new level of usable space without affecting the main structure of the building. The basic mezzanine structure is made up of a network of vertical steel columns supporting the decking above. The upper level is not boxed in by walls so the ground floor can be seen from the mezzanine level with exposed edges made safe with handrails and in fills. Whilst a mezzanine floor can cover up to a third of the ground floor footprint area it is not classified as an official part of the building.

Body buyers and managers understand what their operations and drivers need to be efficient. Come prepared with an idea of what your fleet will need, and the internal sales team can help guide you from there. Liftgates, flooring options, underbody boxes, and rearview cameras are just a few examples of add-ons that can be chosen when determining body specifications.
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